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10 Countries Where The Most Beautiful Women Live


Everyone “knows” where the most beautiful women in the world are from, right? But get away from the few supermodels fashion and cinema select from a handful of countries, and talk to people who’ve actually gone globetrotting, and have been around “normal” women. Here are the most beautiful women you can actually meet.

1. India


“Of all the countries I’ve visited (7 in all), I think India has the most beautiful women. The women not only have excellent features, they are well endowed, and Indian dresses really accentuate their features without exposing a lot. The women are also more natural (less cosmetics etc), smart and intelligent. The diversity of the country is also enormous and women in each region therefore are also different and I like that about the country as well. I’ve had innumerable conversations with women across the nation and I think Indian women have attracted me the most for reasons above.”

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