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10 Countries Where The Most Beautiful Women Live

10. Cuba

“I have found Cuban Women has the most beautiful women of all the other countries I have visited. Of course the question why beckons and that I shall answer.
The most stand-out character of Cubans women I have come to know is how genuine and natural they are. I have rarely found one that uses altering products such as, skin bleaching etc. products. They are so comfortable within their own skins it is just remarkable.
They are a product of gorgeous body with shape of curves, skin so beautifully toned with beautiful mix of black and Hispanic and most importantly a high intellectual understanding. I have seen a wide range of native Cubans, from the deep blacks to the light skinned Hispanic. What was very common was this island beauty that existed across the board, which was very refreshing.
Their hair texture varies but the common factor was how healthy and rich their hair quality remains. Beautiful teeth with each smiles greeted me everywhere I visited. Did I mention the Salsa rhythm that they possess? That is one of the most attractive and beautiful aspect of these women.
Overall the percentage of beautiful women in Cuba is well over 75% which has led me to declaring this country of possessing the most beautiful women out of all other country visited.”

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