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10 Countries Where The Most Beautiful Women Live

2. Italy



“The country where I found the most beautiful women is Italy. I have been in the city of Modena for over half a year. Walking the streets of the center was absolutely amazing since the vast majority of women there were gorgeous. I love the way they dress up, the colors, the way they accessorize, the way they ride their bikes or scooters, the way they use make up, whr way their words sound in their language. Italian women are classy, open minded and it’s a pure pleasure to talk to them.

Italy had some of the prettiest women I have ever seen. Both there complexion and clear skin made them look like they were constantly in the sun, without ever getting any wrinkles. Also, the variety of shapes and sizes they all are is astounding. And how they dressed themselves just heightened their beauty. Be that through wearing the right colors, or the right fit for clothes, made me think so many of them should have been models looking like that.”

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