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10 Most Expensive Scientific Experiments of All Time

Science and Technology have played a crucial role in developing and shaping the modern world that we live in today. The 20th and the 21st centuries have seen huge developments in science. These developments in different fields of science are a fruit of years of hard work and research of thousands of scientists from various nationalities. In order to discover new horizons in the field of science and technology, scientists carry out various scientific experiments on regular basis. These experiments expand the knowledge of mankind and are beneficial to the human race, but they can reach astronomical costs.

Following are the 10 most expensive scientific experiments of all time:

10 – National Ignition Facility


Estimated Cost: $3.5 Billion
This is the construction of the largest laser in the world that was completed in March 2009. This project has three main goals: firstly to understand the reaction that takes place at the center of nuclear bombs, secondly to learn how the elements which make up our universe are created at the center of stars, and thirdly to determine if usable energy could be produced from fusion.

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