An unknown woman stole my identity



When Kedibone Malatji (35) went to vote in the local government election in 2011, she discovered she shared her ID with another woman.

She was told she had already voted in Tzaneen, Limpopo and couldn’t vote again.

She told Daily Sun that soon after that, Sassa stopped giving her the child support grant she used to get for her two kids.

She said officials told her she wasn’t allowed to register her kids twice.

The devastated mum from Kamtodi in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga said she’s been trying to solve the problem since then.

She said she visited Home Affairs several times and was told to go and look for the woman. But Kedibone doesn’t know where to start.

She said she was told she shared fingerprints with the other woman and that their photos were identical.

“My life has been stalled and I haven’t been able to do anything since the problem started.

“I’ve tried many times to get home affairs to fix this problem but I’ve failed,” said Kedibone.

She said she’s been sent from pillar to post and desperately needed help.

“Life became even more difficult after my two kids’ grant money was stopped by Sassa.

“I’ve also been receiving calls from furniture shops and clothing stores, telling me to pay up.

“When I realised this problem had put me in huge debt, I changed my phone number,” she said.

Kedibone said her boyfriend wanted to marry her but he couldn’t because her ID problem hasn’t been sorted out.

Home Affairs spokesman Thabo Mokgola said the matter has been referred to the provincial manager of the department. He said they will investigate the matter and assign officials to contact Kedibone to help work out the problem.


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