Every government that observes their citizens get harmed every single day is not responsible


Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, says any government that watches its poeple get killed everyday without working to stop such a trend, is an irresponsible government. Amechi said this at an APC rally in Rivers state over the weekend.

Every government has a responsibility to protect lives and property.

The reason there is a government is because the people are alive. If a person dies there will be no government. Any government that watches its people killed every day is an irresponsible government. Governor Wike watches his people killed every day.

I met a woman yesterday whose husband was killed in front of her with her son watching. It could have been any of you. I can assure you today that this government of Wike has failed.

When I was your governor, you slept and I kept awake. As governor, I chased away criminals to their holes. I know that the reason they are into crime was because they had no money for them.

I knew that for you to stop a man from crime you need to provide an alternative means of livelihood. And to do that, I started building infrastructures.

I built schools, hospitals and health centres. A lot of people were employed in each of the schools and health facilities I built.” he said


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