I Ripped my friend heart after killing him for money ritual – As Instructed by the Native Doctor


The Lagos State police command have arrested four persons in connection to the murder of Isaiah James. The deceased who was a friend to the alleged murderers, met his fate after his friends went hunting for charms to enable them excel as fraudsters (Yahoo Yahoo) but were told they couldn’t because they are illiterates, so decided to do money ritual instead.

Following interrogation at the homicide section of the State Criminal and Intelligence Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba, one of the suspects, simply identified as Daniel, confessed to the crime. He said:

We are from Chibok in Maiduguri, Borno State. We are four that killed our friend, Isaiah James, for ritual purposes, though it was not our initial plan to do so. We wanted to do charms to excel in advance fee fraud, known as 419, but the native doctor who we consulted told us that he won’t do charms for us with regards 419.

We asked why and he told us that we are not educated. He told us that we should be literate before we can do 419 successfully. We asked if there was another alternative and he said he would perform a ritual out of sympathy for us. He told us to provide a human heart.

That was the beginning of our problems.When the herbalist told us to bring a human heart, we told him to help us organise it. He promised to do so and charged us N100,000. We paid him N60,000 and promised to balance the N40,000. Few days later, the native doctor called us to say that one of his boys who he sent on the mission for the human heart hunting was shot in the hand by vigilance group members. He said he won’t be able to provide us with the heart and asked us to provide it ourselves.


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