Lady was Caught Cheating On Her Fiance with his Friend 13days To Their Wedding


Such an unbelievable story This Early Morning, Twitter user Queen Idoko is currently shredded to pieces after her bestie who is set to wed in few days time, was caught banging another guy.

According to Idoko she dont blame the girl cos the guy was the cutest man she had ever seen, And that it was the fiance that even sent her to go get stuff from the guy, Nawa, nothing, we will not see.

See below:-



  1. A flirt will always be flirt. No man should marry a woman that enjoy sex like dog more than food. Queen Idoko is defending her friend.

    The guy is the most cute guy i have ever seen. Her frd is left unguarded because it was his fiance that send her to get something from the guy. What a crab.

    The question to ask is that what about girls that vow to marry as virgin no matter the difficult circumstances and they did it. Are not not humans with blood and water flowing in their veins.

    Bagging another guy 13 days to ur wedding in this era of husband scarcity is the most stupid and idiotic any woman can do in this era no matter what.

    The lady is undisciplined and a whore. People must own to their responsibility.
    Some men are also animals and fuck anything with hole. Any man that also do that is d biggest meat on earth.

  2. A flirt is alway a flirt. No man shld marry any woman that is so undisciplined in controlling her lust, the same to women not to marry men with uncontrollable lust.

    That lady will be a disgraced to d sacred institution of marriage so God exposed her.

    Queen Idoko is defending her frd, d guy that fuck her is d most cute guy she has ever seen and that his fiance was even the one that sent her to collect something from the guy. This is laughable and stupidity in the highest order.

    Must she be so undisciplined. In this era of husband scarcity sleeping with anoda man 13 days to ur wedding is list taken too far. People shld own to their responsibility.
    What about disciplined girls who marry as virgins, did they have d same blood and water running in their veins. It is about determination and God.

    Any man that also do what this girl do is an animal and irresponsible.

    She was left unguarded as if she is without brain and a baby. She has been doing it with the guy and when she had d opportunity she took it again. That is whoredom behavior.

    Something should not be mentioned among humans . Even animals know exception to sex.

    What is wrong with this generation about sex?.


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