Minimum Wage: We Are Set To Shutdown Anambra Today ― NLC Chair



THE Anambra State Chairman of the Nigerian Labour Congress, Comrade Jerry Nnubia, has said that if the federal government fails to reach an amicable agreement at the ongoing meeting with the labour leaders in Abuja, the country would be shut down in protest including Anambra state.

Comrade Nnubia who was reacting to the report of a planned nationwide strike billed for today (Tuesday 8 January 2019) in his office at Awka the Anambra State Capital said that all is set in Anambra state for the proposed nationwide strike and the state labour unions will mobilise Anambra state workforce including the civil society groups, artisans, and organised private sector to join in the protest.

Comrade Nnubia while fielding question from journalist confirmed that there is a planned nationwide protest, but said they are waiting for directives from the national headquarters.

“Yes, there will be a protest march tomorrow in the state. We will join other states in the country in the protest. We will march from the popular Aroma Junction to the government house where we will deliver our address and as well get feedback from the Governor. We want the governors to make committed statement on the issue of minimum wage so that the state will not go cap in hand begging after the agreement. In fact, the 30,000 naira is not negotiable. Any governor who feels he cannot pay the minimum wage should be prepared to face the dire consequences.

“We have checked the minimum wage and it is not even up to 1000 naira per day which is not even equal to a day pay for labourers.

On the treat to down-size the workforce by the state governors, Comrade Nnubia said they cannot afford to layout workers to add to the already jobless Nigerians rooming about the street, but even if they try it they will incur the wrought of the Nigerian labour congress.

On the perceived rumour that Anambra state government has already agreed to pay the 30,000 minimum wage, the state NLC chairman said he is not aware “Until the governor tells me, I am not aware. I know he is the workers best friendly governor in this country and can always live up to expectations,” he added.


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