South Sudanese refugees forge friendships and a new life in Uganda


In July 2016 violence broke out in Juba, South Sudan, forcing thousands of people to flee into Uganda. Uganda welcomes refugees and in a Bidibidi settlement in the north of the country, they are free to move, work, and start businesses.


In partnership with the European Commission’s humanitarian aid department, IRC helps people displaced by conflict to not just survive but also thrive. IRC teaches the refugees to master new skills so that they can become self-reliant. It also invests in creating links between the refugees and the host communities.

“I decided to befriend Okello because when he reached Uganda, he was in a sorry state, so I decided to welcome him,” says Jamal. Okello is a refugee from South Sudan and even though he and Jamal don’t speak the same language, their friendship thrives. Together, these new found friends make a positive contribution to the local economy.


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