There Are More Of Fake Killings Than Reality In Nigeria – Lai Mohammed


“The BBC came up a month ago and attested to this that fake news is fueling the issue of killings in Benue state and that there are even more of fake killings than reality.

“I would say it is important to say that yes, herdsmen/ farmers clashes has threatened the existence of Nigeria as a country. The first recorded herdsmen/ farmers was recorded in 1947, thirteen full years before Nigeria gained independence and it is normally a seasonal thing, but in the last couple of years, the clashes has been fueled largely by economic changes, demography, opposition people, sheer criminality.”

Mohammed further reiterated that the federal government is taking every action to curb the menace.

His words “In Benue state alone, the government has established 16 new unit of police mobile force., under the office of Chief of Defence Staff, there is now a combined force of police, the civil defence corp, military and airforce.

“The airforce has created what is known as the quick response team, the truth of the matter is the killings have gone down.

More people have left the IDP camp in Benue to there communities, the military has redeemed the space and unlike before, when we had killings everyday, I dont think there is any killing at all in the last couple of weeks, this shows that the security is in control and has dominated the space, but the media would not report this and its sad”

Mohammed also said the reason for which fake news is being spread is because the perpetrators are afraid that  President Muhammadu Buhari would come back in 2019 and continue to fight corruption.

On what President Buhari is doing with his vacation. Mohammed said:

Mr President is entitled to his vacation and what he does with his vacation is his business”


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