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Top 10 Highest Paid Female Singers of 2015

1. Madonna (net worth: $800 Million)


Madonna is unquestionably on the list of Highest Paid Female Singers in 2015, with an estimated net worth of $700 million. Titled by the media and the music industry as ‘The Queen of Pop’, Madonna has sold more than 300 million records worldwide. It apparently makes her the best-selling female recording artist of all time as recorded by Guinness World Records. She owns around 64.5 million certified albums, making her the second best-selling female artist in the United States established by Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The musician also owns a clothing line and a fragrance that add more to her wealth.

While they are busy crooning their ways to your heart, these beautifully and exceptionally talented singers have crafted a space for themselves in the industry. Being among the richest female singers, they have proved that they can any day give any other male musician a run for their money.

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