Former President Goodluck Jonathan has said the by-elections in the country are flawed.

Speaking at the launch of a book entitled “Government Government of the Party” written by Dr. Jonathan. Mohammed Wakil, the state minister for energy, wrote on Thursday, May 26, that it was “shameful” for lawmakers to cast their ballots and demand a refund, failed to confirm tickets.

It has;

“All these local elections across the country are chaotic. This is not a standard operation. Eto naa kuna.

“The system cannot be used to elect presidents, governors, senators, members of parliament, etc.

“The plan has already failed, which is not good for the country. But we will manage and move on.

“We pray that good people will come. I hope that what happened this year, 2022, will not happen again in this country.”

Jonathan called on members of the National Assembly to pass a law banning the nomination of candidates and voters and to pass an election law that outlines how a political party should select a candidate.

He added;

“The National Assembly cannot legislate and shut down all political parties. Teams have different ways of selecting candidates, and the system is embedded in their rules.

“It is absurd to create an environment where all parties must have their electoral system. The parties are not a party to the government.

“The National Assembly cannot pass legislation to oppose political parties. Article 84 of the Electoral Law should be repealed. “