Please Help!! Else I Won’t Graduate – 400 Level Students Cries Out: My Gay Lecturer Wants To Sleep With Me


Hello Amebofamily,

A 400L Engineering student needs your advise on how best to tackle his Education threatening situations.

We want you all to please drop a good advise for him.

Read his story below:-

Do you really want to graduate? He asked me on the phone. Yes sir! I replied him back and he ended the call.

Do you know who I’m in this school? He threatens me always with that line every time he invites me to his office.

I’m a 400 level student in a Nigerian University. In my 4 years so far in school, I’ve never had any issues with cultists as I expected I would before I gained admission. Although, I still have 1 more year to go as an Engineering student.

But then, when we resumed second semester 200 level, my troubles started from a source I’ve never thought of. A departmental lecturer that’s to take us a course ordered me to his office one day after class and began quizzing about my sexual life.

I didn’t really understand his motives back then. But I just played along. He asked about my girlfriend, if I’ve ever had sex, if I’ve ever questioned my sexuality, how I enjoy having sex and other questions.

He didn’t release me until a lecturer came to visit him in his office and he was forced to let me go.

That semester was hell for me as I had to always avoid him. Even though I couldn’t avoid him much. I mean, he’s the lecturer for 2 of my vital courses.

For that semester. He failed me in his course. I’m very certain that he failed me intentionally.

It wasn’t until the beginning of this present session that I knew his exact motives. And that was when he sent for me to come to his office or else I will fail his test. I was confused, I had to rush to him to know the problem exactly.

He told me about how he liked my body, how he had been watching me since my 100 level days, how he’s attracted to my masculinity and my body, how he wants to feel my body up close and how much he wants to sleep with me and he hopes I’m gay. He continued on and on.

I was so irritated and embarrassed, I left his office as a very confused person.

I stormed out angrily of his office that Tuesday afternoon.Since then, he has been threatening me, saying he’s going to fail me in his courses again this semester and am never going to graduate as long as he’s still the lecturer of those courses.

I don’t know what to do. I’m very hopeless. I’ve prayed over it several times.

I’ve even confided in a friend who’s gay. But he’s not helping me. He wants me to do it because he thinks I’m going to like it.

I’m afraid to speak out for fear of getting into more trouble

I’m confused. Please help me – What Should I do?

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