A woman sentenced to death for the murder of her husband has been released from prison in Benin City, Edo State, following a ruling by the Supreme Court, StandardGazette reported.

LIB recalled that Mrs. Enobong Isonguyo and her Pasito lover, Udoka Ukachukwu, were charged and sentenced to death for killing her husband, Engr. Victor Gabriel Isonguyo, an employee of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC, Benin, Edo State in 2013.

A sister sentenced to death for the murder of her husband in Edo has been released from prison following a harsh sentence handed down by Judge Mary Odili.

During the hearing, the lawyer told the court that the coroners had killed the deceased to cover up the allegation that the deceased was pregnant while he was away.

“The deceased’s wife asked the pastor to stay on his farm to work, and he asked her to look for her husband, and the program benefited as the man stood behind him and drove the pastor to a sapel road in Benin, while the trip, the Pastor said. pull out a drink and hit him on the neck before opening the gas tank, take the oil and burn it beyond recognition, ”the court said.

It has been established that the wife transferred millions of naira and property belonging to the deceased to the pastor.

In his decision, Judge Geraldine Imadegbelo found that it was possible for the lawyers to establish the case without hesitation.

The court ruled that the pastor killed the victim with a drink in his car and set the car on fire. However, the judge sentenced them to death.

However, Enobong’s lawyer, Olayiwola Afolabi, went to the high court, where previous convictions were overturned.

According to the Standard Gazette, in a landmark ruling by Judge Mary Odili last month, the Supreme Court ruled that the lower court’s decision was based on observation and imagination, which is not part of the criminal code.

The court ruled that the death sentence was unconstitutional and that the woman should be released without charge.

On Thursday, May 5, Afolabi and a group of journalists arrived in Benin to facilitate the formation of Enobong.

Speaking to reporters, Afolabi thanked God for freedom as they praised the justice system, describing it as “civil hope”.

However, it has been confirmed that the guilty pastor with Enobong escaped from prison during the Endsars 2020 campaign.

The then police commissioner, CP Foluso Adebanjo, who spoke on how Enebong Mrs. Victor Isonguyo planned her carnage with her pastor, said they were both lovers and planned the deaths of NPDC workers and the workers’ father. omo meta.

“What happened was that the pastor had the deceased meet him somewhere on the way to Sapele, when the deceased arrived, the pastor stabbed him twice and set the car on fire and the wife gave the pastor the new car, and we found the car. with the pastor After killing the man in his car, he burned the car, the pastor changed the plate of the new car, and added a forgery after killing the man, he explained.

However, Mrs. Isonguyo denied that she had ever had an unmarried affair with the pastor.

“When I could not find my car I rushed to the Pasito because we had known each other for a long time. to take him to church but I do not know that he is going to change documents I have to ask him to pray very hard because I love my husband and I do not want anything to happen to him, I do not keep the car because I love you. “

“I was lying in the house at about eleven o’clock that night when the police arrested me.” When asked if he had sexual relations with the pastor, he said, “God forbid that I should have sex with the pastor. The shepherd is a close friend of the family and we regularly donate books to be distributed in orphanages. Even while traveling with my husband, we gave him our credit card so that he could take care of our chickens and everything he needed.

The sister also argued with the deceased husband, saying “Until I got here no one told me my husband was dead. I pray that God