Nollywood actor Junior Pope has responded to a video of an English doctor preparing a poster for a priest.

According to the report, an infant doctor was pictured promoting beauty for a church in Umunna, Orlu, Imo State, on the 27th of this month.

The English-speaking doctor was also heard praying that the pastor’s church would attract more people from all over the state and that miracles would enable people to speak in the future.

He also prayed that everyone in the church would bless him and that he would welcome others into the congregation.

In response to the negative video, in the comment section, Junior Pope promised not to leave the Roman Catholic Church because he saw it as more righteous than other religions.

He also saw the destruction of the pastors who guarded the temple because of political power.

In his own words;

“I will not leave the Catholic Church, and I swear. The devastation that comes from these priests is unimaginable. “