The Harambee football team of Kenya and the Zimbabwe Warriors will not participate in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers after the Confederation of African Football (CAF) withdrew due to political unrest.

The Kenyan and Zimbabwean football teams have suffered government interference in their affairs and, as a result, have not met the requirements of the FIFA Congress as a prerequisite for their suspension.

The CAF had earlier put them in an official draw in April 2022 on the condition that the suspension is lifted two weeks before their first match.

Qualifications will begin on May 1, 2022.

“Both sides, The Kenya Football Federation (FKF) and the Zimbabwe Football Federation (ZIFA), will be considered to have lost and withdrawn from the tournament,” CAF said in a statement posted on its official website.

“Teams C and K will have only three teams, and the process of matches will be maintained in accordance with the game schedule that was announced to the teams after the shoot.

“The first and second teams from these teams will qualify for the finals.”