England footballer Danny Drinkwater admits his time at Chelsea was “an unfair trade route for both clubs.”

Drinkwater, 32, announced his departure from the west London club in a post on Instagram on Thursday, May 26, apologizing to Chelsea fans for the incident.

Drinkwater, a star for Leicester City in their 2016 Champions League win, has signed a five-year deal in 2017 worth m 35m from Leicester City.

Injuries, control changes, and poor form affect your time in the garden, where you are more noticed than needed.

This summer, Drinkwater will be a free agent when his Chelsea contract expires on May 30.

Announcing his resignation from the company, Drinkwater wrote;

“My time at Chelsea FC is over.

“(You) are shocked to learn this. I, the team, and the fans are distraught with the outcome without any doubt.

“The injuries, the way I was treated, the mistakes I made, field issues, lack of playing time… the list of complaints can be endless, but I cannot change what happened.

“I’ve been watching good things for the last five years; I’ve played with great players, great coaching staff, I’ve worked with professional team, I’ve met some fantastic people, I have moved in some good places, traveled the world, and get in some extra silver.

“Soccer is an exciting sport, but for both sides, it is the wrong business; it is black as such.

“To the Chelsea fans, I apologize for the incident, and I want you to see me in this dress doing what I want.”