A Nigerian doctor said that some Nigerian hospitals give women injections and lie to them that they are pregnant.

The_beardedsina, who also revealed that these women would have a mysterious pregnancy, added that women will continue to believe because they are showing symptoms of pregnancy, not knowing that they are receiving injections of pregnancy hormones.

She also revealed that these hospitals take money from these women and end up giving their victims a “clothed baby”. A Nigerian doctor also threatened to expose one of the hospitals.

The tweet said;

One day we will talk about how some hospitals deceive and lie to women who are pregnant and say: WRITTEN PREGNANCY and then continue to give women hormones to make them feel pregnant and give them an agreed baby on D-day, to which I would expose the hospital . Stay with us

The woman will also have an ultrasound after the first trimester, there will be no baby in her womb and they will continue to tell her that she is pregnant and the woman will continue to believe because she has symptoms of pregnancy without knowing that she has a pregnancy. she pumps hormone injections.

And they charge these women a lot of money, they pay dearly for these so-called cryptic pregnancies, they even give them drugs to make the woman vomit so that she feels pregnant. Some of them are said to even work hand-in-hand with baby factories and stolen babies.