Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has expressed his desire to stay at Chelsea and help the club through a difficult time.

The club will lose its senior staff and receive punishment from the British government for its links to its owner, Roman Abramovich, and Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator who ordered the attack on Ukraine.

Because the building will be sold under a £ 4.25billion contract to US investor Todd Boehly, Tuchel said he was aware of the club’s problems but did not leave the club in times of need.

“I know, but I do not have any new information, and he has not told me what the terms are,” Tuchel said on Thursday, May 18.

Let’s wait and see. I am also convinced that it is a good hand, not my hand, and I hope a good hand and a better hand than my hand.

Chelsea is also waiting to complete the sale of the club, following the decision to sell by Roman Abramovich.

‘Don’t expect it to pass as soon as possible.’

The decision made by Abramovich after the Ukraine attack has left Chelsea unable to sign or sell players or offer a new contract.

He said: ‘It takes a lot of time if we are wasting time getting closer to the actors and planning, huge delays.

It affects us, the players out. We are reforming, not team progress.

‘We are preparing for the challenge. I do not know where we are from the first day (another time). ‘

All I can believe is that I will stay here – if I can believe that! I will be here with full strength and good strength regardless of anything, ‘he added.

“We will also work for Chelsea. I refuse to think negatively. We will compete; what level will we see. And how the delay and the rules will affect us, our risk.

“It will be challenging to improve the situation; given the situation of two other teams – (Manchester) City and Liverpool who improved the team and put one in the other in all areas of the game, it was not easy for us. ‘