Jubril Ahmed, the husband of a pregnant woman who was killed and her four children at the hands of unknown gunmen in Anambra state over the weekend, said the tragedy saddened him.

Jubril, a security guard in Anambra state, told the Daily Trust that his wife was nine months pregnant and the family was expecting a baby within weeks of their killing.

They returned home after visiting a sister in a nearby town. She wore a hijab with four children; That is why the squirrels are looking for them.

As I speak, I will bring forth their dead bodies. The police have given me some books to use to get bodies. I am still in a dormitory; they asked me for 30,000 naira before they leave my family.

“I hope to place the bodies under the Ganye government in Adamawa state for burial as the cemeteries used by the North are full.”

Her estranged husband for his deceased wife’s name is Harira Jubril, 32, and of the four children as Fatima, 9; Khadijah, 7; Hadiza, 5; of Olives, 2.

“Right now, I have no one to turn to; they have destroyed my family. “I am concerned that in a crisis, the government needs to take action,” Jubril said

In other words, the Hausa leader in Urunba South, Sarki Kabiru Bakari, said transporting the bodies to Adamawa had stalled because they had not been cared for at the burial site, which they could not do. Supporting organizations in the North.

“We are now determined to bury them in Awka Wednesday (today). There was no healing for the dead, and neither was there any contest; therefore, we cannot travel with the dead as they begin to sell. We have no choice but to take them to Awka and bury them there,” he said

Bakari added that the Anambra State Police Commissioner had visited security personnel in the area and promised to take action.

“But after burying the dead, we all go to our town in the North; there is nothing safe here. The woman’s husband will return to Adamawa once he has served his family; he works here as a security guard,” he said