Manchester United striker Paul Pogba has told Manchester City he would like to move to another club.

Pogba’s contract expires at the end of the season and it has been reported that the Frenchman is a Manchester City target.

Now a new report from The Athletic says that Pogba will not be going to City due to availability on the table from another club of his choice.

The report said Pogba’s representatives had told City about the move, although he did not believe it was their last word.

Pogba, 29, joined United from Juventus for a second time in 2016. He has attracted the interest of Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Pogba’s form has been sidelined due to injuries and an unsatisfactory season, which saw him miss a single season in the 2021/22 season with only one remaining. Only two games – a far cry from his exit in 2018/2019 when he scored. 13 goals.