Former Inspector General of Police Mike Okiro has described how some politicians forced him to run for the Senate, hiding all the money he paid.

The former IGP shared his experience at the Interaction Aspirants Forum hosted by the New Nigeria Dream Initiative (NNDI).

Okiro said he did not submit after being tricked into competing.

The 13th Inspector General of Police, who served between 2007 and 2009, criticized Nigerians for extorting money from politicians during races, adding that they were also a problem for the government. We have more mistakes than politicians.”

It has;

“Nigerians will talk nonsense, but I say no, that is not enough! You get two corners! If the directors do not have, we have satisfied followers! Because when the leaders behave, we laugh, we raise our hands; we were told to go! And they will do the same thing again.

“But if we say no! Enough, they have changed! Go ahead; they give you money for voting to choose someone or someone who can do it or not! They give you 5,000 naira, and they start for four years. That means N5,000 has been his responsibility for four years.

“I’m talking about this because once politicians make mistakes, but we make more mistakes than politicians. I have experience; let me share it; I correct myself and say goodbye to this thing.

“I am competing in Abuja for the Senate. I was assigned to the post office. I said I was retired, and they said no, run! I said I would talk to my wife. I told my wife, and she said I was scared.

“So, they came to me and said we want to go here, bring our money; we want to do this, take money; we want to do that, bring in money; I gave up all my savings, nothing to give back. They are one day, I say I will not include because I have nothing to give you.

“I was told the old man was not well, but I should try. You want me to contribute, but where did I get the money? I said, “Well, let’s do it. Assuming now I will borrow money or sell the property to you, and I was selected, of course, the first thing I did was pay this debt, and all the property I owed is. “sell, I bring them back.

“I knew that after four years in the run-up to the by-elections, I would save money for the polls. You people are for this government. We should never say no to those who sell ballot papers.

Okiro also called on Nigerians to abstain from voting in political parties and ensure that they have a history that can democratically benefit them.

He added;

“We will not pursue a bad bike; we will not elect anyone regardless of their political party.

“Look at your story! “Look at the right people, no matter where they come from, no matter where they come from. Let’s make sure that if they rule, the benefits of democracy will reach everyone.”