Judge Adeniyi Familoni of the Ekiti State High Court sitting in Ado Ekiti sentenced 36-year-old Fakorede Olawale and 39-year-old Tunji Olaitan to death for armed robbery.

The two were arraigned in court on three counts of attempted murder, attempted rape, and armed robbery.

The price is the same.

“Prosecutors on November 24, 2015, in Adehun area, along with Petim Sawmill, Iworoko Road, Ado Ekiti, in the courtroom, attempted murder, attempted rape and robbery of Titilope Ayeni on that day.

The offenses are contrary to sections 320 and 559 of the Penal Code, Cap. Ekiti State C16 Rules, 2012, and Section 1 (2) (a) of armed robbery (Special Assistance), Cap. R11, Federal Law of Nigeria, 2004. “

Police lawyer, Gbemiga Adaramola, told the court that the victim was a police officer;

“I was about eight o’clock when my generator suddenly stopped working. I went to see what happened to him; In the process, the suspects emerged from my ranks.

Before I could say a word, I was cut off from the ram. I screamed as I protected my head and eyes. They dragged me into a room, trying to rape me, but they interrupted when my phone rang.

Later, they tried to throw me into a well, but to no avail. After my screams, neighbors called the police on time in the car. One of the robbers, Fakorede Olawale, escaped with N15,000 in cash, $ 350 worth of gold, my phone, an ATM card and other valuables that I cannot remember. He was later arrested.

The police took me to the hospital to treat injuries sustained on both sides.

Olawale once visited my house and was arrested. He was then arraigned in court but was later released on bail. He threatened to kill me until he returned to his army. “

During the hearing, the plaintiffs presented four witnesses. Plaintiffs argued in their defense through their attorneys and did not present any evidence.

They want the court to be fair and just.

During the hearing, the judge said the prosecutors found charges including attempted murder, attempted rape, and armed robbery against the first defendant and attempted murder and armed robbery. on the second defendant.

“On the same charge, attempted murder, the two defendants were sentenced to life imprisonment. In both cases, attempted rape, the first defendant was sentenced to 14 years in prison without the option of a fine, while the second defendant was acquitted and sentenced.

In the third case, armed robbery, the two men were sentenced to death. May the Lord have mercy on your souls, the judge ruled